Your Best and Worst LV Restaurant

While I await the growth of readership (I mean, come on, it isn’t like there aren’t any other food blogs on the internet), I wanted to ask you a question and hopefully spark some discussion. You are getting in on the ground floor here folks. Don’t be George Bailey. Don’t ignore the ground floor option on plastics. 

I spent a few years writing an occasionally well read blog about Lehigh Valley ecology and I loved the experience. I wasn’t sure how this would compare and after a week, I obviously have no idea how it will. I do know one thing. I didn’t have many comments on my former blog save the everpresent anonymous folks who would hurl insults, slurs, and psuedoscience at me to you know – show how pissed they were about plants. Anyway…

I hope to write often about restaurant experiences. I have already shared one of my favorite meals of all time – and it has only been one week! I may have gotten ahead of myself. Today though, take a second if you can, to tell me about the best and worst restaurant experiences you have had in the the Lehigh Valley. What should I be writing about? Where should I avoid? What’s going on out there?

Remember: very soon this blog will have thousands of readers. I will get linked to by Serious Eats and Food52. It’s going to happen. I mean, after all, a blog with odd recipes, a niche restaurant review log, and random pictures of cows on a farm is just destined to be a trend setter. 

Be the cows on my farm. Share some stories. 

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