303-307-303: 10,000 Steps


As my journey to well-being has become physically manifest in recent weeks, I confess that I am surprised about the results thus far. My weight has fluctuated in a four pound range which seems to me to indicate nothing lost – nothing gained. It is not the reading on the scale that matters though as it isn’t telling this initial narrative declaration properly. I am eating better and I am engaging myself physically – both of these activities have become part of me routine. Well, they are becoming part of my routine. I still have some fuck ups to deal with but the overall trend is leaning positive.

Last week I had a gut check regarding the amount of steps a person is supposed to take every day. I had started to become proud of my 15 minute lunch walks. It felt like I had stepped straight into the light. And then my coworker friend, the wiry one with fitness oozing from his pores, told me that 10,000 steps is the benchmark for an active and healthy lifestyle. Bullshit. I looked at my phone’s health app. I was averaging a little under 3,000 per day in 2015. Some google searching ensued and I discovered that such an average firmly placed me in the sedentary lifestyle category.

Thing is, even with my lunch walks, I was barely touching 4,000. 10,000 steps averages out to be about 5 miles. To be an active person, at the base level, according to this step model – you need to walk 5 miles a day. When you are firmly placed in the sedentary category that number seems astronomical and completely insane. In this moment of pure frustration, I lashed out at my fitness oozing coworker and told them that I would need to run all the damned miles he ran to do something this unrealistic.

A few days later I hit 10,000 steps walked in a day. 10,395 steps to be exact. I walked .78 miles around the office park in the afternoon. I walked around Wegmans. When I got home, in the rain and pain, I walked another 1.25 miles around West End Allentown. I checked my phone as I tried to catch my breath and I was under 10K. By 200 odd steps. So, at 9PM, I walked down 19th Street to the alley behind the theater and I lumbered around a bit, returned home and I had done it.

This was the day before yesterday. Yesterday I did not do as well. I hit about 7,000. And at 11:00 this morning, I am sitting at 553. I’ve got a long way to go today. I’ve got a long way to go in general. I focused this post on steps but for my next update I will go into caloric intake and myfitnesspal. This step victory was empowering. I now know I can do it and I didn’t die or puke or shit myself. Those last two things are probably coming.


I’d bet on it.

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