Open Thread: Memorable Meals

Before I get to the open thread part of the post. Some housekeeping!

I hope you enjoyed my Holiday Dinner recipe posts. If you missed them or you want to reread them:
1. Matzo Ball Soup with Kale Salad.
2. Flank Steak with Greens and Pickled Onions
3. Baked Ham with Bread Filling and Chorizo Stuffing.

I did an update on my health: 303-307-303:10,000 steps.

And – the blog received its first open thread reply! Michelle shared her biggest kitchen mistake:
“When I was in NOLA, I purchased catfish. I had dreams of creating a meal as delicious as ones I had eaten out. I wanted to oven “fry” it with bisquick, but this being NOLA, I of course had bugs crawling in the bisquick. Awesome. So I seasoned up some flour, coated the filet, and into the oven it went. First, i didn’t cook it long enough. I thought I did, but the first bite was raw and gummy and NOT okay. Back into the oven. I was so hungry at this point. Finally it was done. I sat down with my beautiful looking fish and a side (probably of greens?). The verdict: It was disgusting. I know people say catfish can taste like the river, and I’m all good and fine with that, but this tasted straight like Mississippi Mud. And if you have smelt the MI in NOLA, you know what I mean. It was so bad, I through it out and made myself a grilled cheese. I guess this mishap isn’t really my fault (bad fish), but one of the few meals I can remember making that was so inedible I had to make myself something else.”
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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a meal memorable. I think that there are a great deal of things that can make eating some food – something special. I was thinking about wedding reception dinners, funeral receptions, Bar Mitzvah celebrations, First Communion breakfast – you know – the big ones.

There are amazing little ones too. What about a dinner at your bar that ends up reminding you that the connection you want with a someone is still out there somewhere? Or when your daughter makes you toast for the first time and calls in breakfast in bed? Maybe the time you surprised a friend on his 30th birthday with dinner at an amazing restaurant?

I have already told you about one of the best meals I have ever had down in New Orleans last year. What about you? What’s one of the most memorable meals you have ever had? Happy. Sad. Jubilant. Whatever it is – tell me about it. I would love to post a bunch of responses.


One thought on “Open Thread: Memorable Meals

  1. When I was 19, a friend and I volunteered in Haiti for four months. We were there September through December and were served the most delicious creole meals three times a day. On Thanksgiving, we were feeling homesick and we wanted to share the holiday with our friends and all the staff at the house.

    Early in the week we caught a ride to Port-Au-Prince and bought a frozen ButterBall, a shrink wrapped Pumpkin, some potatoes, and a few other supplies. I don’t remember how we kept the Turkey frozen, but I think it involved running the generator for way longer than normal. Neither one of us were experienced cooks, and it was a fun but stressful day of figuring out recipes and adapting them to our situation. I don’t remember how a single thing tasted. But I distinctly remember setting up a long table outside, right by the shore. As we ate it was probably 85 degrees out and the sun was setting and waves were crashing, but there was a long table filled with smiling faces and friendship and large platters of food being passed around. I remember how it felt to be able to create a meal, to create Thanksgiving, and share it with a group of people for the first time. I was very proud – even if it tasted like crap.


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