Tacos in the Lehigh Valley


The above picture depicts tacos in their natural state. That’s how tacos should look. If your taco does not look like that – I am not interested in your taco. We have three major urbanized areas in the Lehigh Valley – Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. In each town, I have found a taco place where you can get tacos like the ones pictured. Again – those are tacos.

In the Queen City – head to La Placita Mexico on 12th and Turner. This is a no bullshit Mexican restaurant. Their tongue and cheek tacos are spectacular. I also recommend the goat. In The Christmas City, head to Mexico Lindo on Main Street. Here, you are going to want to get chorizo tacos. The picture above is from a lunch I had with my fit coworker just last week. In Easton, head to Taqueria La Plaza. I liked the steak selection here a lot. 3 cities. 3 tacos.

Let me mention – the culinary scene in the Lehigh Valley has drastically improved in the last 10 years. These are real deal, real good, Mexican restaurants and they are family run, friendly, super affordable places. You don’t need to drive to Philly or NYC for a real taco folks. Stop eating fake ones. Go out and try one of these places.

For the record if any of the following ingredients constitute your taco – I’m telling you, you are doing it wrong. Flour shells. Shredded Iceberg Lettuce. Shredded cheddar cheese. Any mayonnaise based sauce. Hard shells. Cheez Wiz. Stop it. Stop doing this to yourself. Oh those crispy flaky shell ones? San Diego style? That’s fine I guess – if you want a taco hybrid. They can be delicious but I stick with the classic:

Corn Tortilla. Cilantro. Lime. Meat. Done.

Go out and get some tacos. Real tacos. Do it.

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