Week 3: Learning to Walk Again

A few weeks ago, my initial walks were terrible. Everything hurt. A lot. I had to push myself, hard, through pain to get myself up to half a mile. And then I pushed a little more. And a little more. I joked with my fit coworker about how it seemed that every time I started to feel better physically – I knew I had to go farther and harder the next time. It’s true.

That base level of fitness I spoke about up there has created a circumstance where my body is not even in the shape needed to lose weight. My first step is to get my body into a position where it is ready and able to really start burning. Meaning – I can’t go run a 5K or lift weights now. I will walk at least 10,000 steps a day. I will walk in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. I will use myfitnesspal to set a weight goal and manage my caloric intake.
IMG_2061 I am 80% successful in those endeavors to date. The 20% I am still screwing up on seems to be after I have had a few beers and all of a sudden something stupid is ordered to eat. Here is the thing though – my first mark of success – I feel better and I feel stronger. I am sitting and standing straighter. My feet aren’t pointed out in such a fashion that I walk/waddle like a sad penguin everywhere I go.
IMG_2065 I do need to buy some kind of powder because the more I walk and these big thighs of mine rub against each other – that whole area feels rug burnt and shredded. You don’t want that area feeling like that. Just saying. Oh one other gross thing – with the healthier, guided intake of food and all this walking – my poops have been spectacular. It’s a dramatic change. It’s nice not feeling like a need a shower every time. Again, just saying.
IMG_2060 It’s also been awesome walking around West End Allentown. You experience a lot of things walking around the city. You can smell different dinners and dream about knocking on the front door and escaping the sweaty trod you have endeavored on in lieu of sitting and eating. Then you keep walking because that’s the problem and really Andrew? Goddamnit.

The best day happened recently. I went for my lunch walk. It was warm outside for most but hot for me and I didn’t feel bad. My legs and feet didn’t hurt. I walked up the hill and instead of turning around like I usually do – I kept going. I ended up doing a loop of the entire industrial park. I know it was only an additional half-mile but that felt like accomplishment. It felt like I was making progress. It also felt so sweaty that I know I am going to have to bring a change of clothes to the office in these arriving warmer months. Here is that day:

Yesterday I walked from 10th Street to City Hall and back in downtown Allentown and I just could do it. That’s new. And awesome.

My next steps are next steps and more steps. I am getting a blood glucose and cholesterol screening today. I am scheduling my functional movement screening. And the reason I am doing all that is to craft a continued weight loss plan with some doctors. The internet is full of it. I am going to work with medical professionals to craft the plan that is perfect for my body and my level of fitness.

For now, I am going to be walking. I hope to see some physical changes soon but honestly, I am glad I am starting to feel better.

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