Week 5: 296 Pounds: What is happening here?


When I visited the Sports Medicine Center in Downtown Allentown on Monday, I knew what I was getting myself into and I was doing it on purpose. I have spent 5 weeks, learning to walk again and I need to push it to the next level. I had had my Functional Movement Screening done – now it was time to get a workout program based on the results.

(Read about the entire journey here)

First though, I asked to be weighed. They have one of those fancy scales, like the one at Capital Blue that shoots electricity through your body for analysis. Turns out I registered at 296 pounds which means that I have lost about 14 pounds since the last week of March. I felt good about that for however long it took to walk from the appointment room to the foam rollers where we would begin the workout.
IMG_2235 Pain. Lots of pain. Not shooting pain. Burning pain. This is apparently the right kind of pain and the pain I am going to have to become accustomed to over the next few weeks and months as I begin repairing the musculature of my doughy body. I cursed a lot. And yelled. And wished for death. But, this is what I need to be doing. I will be doing a lengthy stretching regimen every day, walking 3 miles (in vigorous and regular spurts), and engaging in strength training exercises 3 days a week. Phase II.

I have had a difficult time posting on my blog this week and I am kind of pissed about it. I want to keep getting content out there to increase readership etc. But, 5 weeks into my fitness endeavor, all I can think about is calories, walking, and progression. I have never done anything like this before and it really is changing me and the way I think.
IMG_2234 This weekend I hope to go to a running store and have my feet examined and my walk analyzed so that I might buy a pair of correctly supportive shoes because my left foot hurts like a sonofabitch and I think it is my shoe. That’s the thing I am looking forward to this weekend. That’s where I am at right now.

I got to see a friend’s art in a gallery display yesterday and her work struck a chord in me and reminded me of what art can really and suddenly emotionally evoke. So, I started kicking around going to the Philadelphia Art Museum on Sunday morning because I have never been there. You know what I thought of while trying to formulate the plan? I thought about how many steps I would accumulate in the Museum. And then I thought, since I would be heading down by myself, I could hit a quick couple of miles on the nearby trails and parks. In my new shoes.

This is new and I like it. The thing is, the more I like it and enjoy it the more afraid I am becoming. I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to stop. I want to get stronger and faster. The pain in my left foot scares me the most because I experience the pain in a really guttural fashion – I want to quit, to sit down, to wait for it to get better. Thing is – the pain is my body getting better. The pain will pass and when it does it will be replaced by strength. I have to keep going.
IMG_2232 That fear though – that I will stop- has kept me from the grand proclamations I used to issue regarding an eventual return to fitness. It’s kept me from saying I would weigh an estimated weight by a given day or that I would run/jog/walk a 5K by such and such time. Last Saturday, I walked 2.76 miles in the Lehigh Parkway. (You can see the walk in the picture above) That’s awful close to 3.1 miles. If I kept doing that once a week, while I did the other training exercises – maybe this Autumn I could run a successful 5K.

But still, no promises. I am a very different man today, 5 weeks into this journey. I am still worried. I guess I need to start exercising that out of me as well.

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