Week 7 & 8: Erie, slight setbacks, and being dumb.

As I was preparing to draft this latest post, I was prepared to be brutal. I haven’t posted in 17 days and, to be fair, I have been travelling (business) and working more than usual but I felt like I was actually keeping secrets from folks who read these updates. This is two months.

I’ve been beating myself up because it doesn’t feel the way I thought it would and I do not look the way I wanted to or the way I thought I would.

I am completely full of shit.
IMG_2303 The first aberration in my new routine came with a trip to Erie Pennsylvania.

When you drive six hours in a day – you should probably get out at a rest stop every three hours and do a quick mile around the parking lot. I do not like stopping while traveling. At least not until you reach a point where a cough or a sneeze will result in the complete, involuntary, evacuation of your bladder. I didn’t walk at the rest stops.

I got to about 8,000 steps my first day in Erie. The second mistake I made was not bringing my foam roller and dumbbells with me. I had just, finally, began to settle into my strength training/interval program. I could have gone to the Hotel gym and done it and I did go to the gym in the Hotel but I did not perform a good workout.

I ended up in the gym because I wanted a walk and I did not feel particularly enamored with trotting around the streets of the Erie Bayfront. I mean, it’s fine – but I just was not feeling it. I decided to climb the Bicentennial Tower instead – 140 feet in 210 stairs. It sounded like an excellent workout. I walked on over, down the pier, and the damned stairs were locked. You have to use the elevator. I don’t use elevators. So, no workout and no alleged awesome view of the Lake and apparently Canada.
IMG_2355And, that’s when I ended up in the gym. Michelle warned me that I wouldn’t like the gym. I used the gym at Muhlenberg College while I was a student there and I quite liked that but that apparently isn’t the norm for gyms and the Hotel gym is a special kind of awful. First, there is the frosted glass sealed entry door. Then, the whole hamster vibe with the room being about the size of a large bathroom.

Not great. I hopped up on the treadmill and it totally sucked. I could not get into it the way I get into walking on the street. That day, I did get to 10,000 steps.

The following day, a travel day, I got about 7,000.

I was wiped out when I got home. The next day was Saturday and I got right back on it. But before I get to that Saturday, I want to talk about yesterday and the day before. I did not get to 10,000 steps yesterday or the day before and I did not do the strength training I needed to do and I felt (feel) like shit about it.

The funny -thing is – I shouldn’t feel like shit about it.

The Saturday I mentioned above – I walked 4.2 miles that day which was my longest walk to date and even with massive hills, I maintained a solid pace.


The day after, I walked 3 miles. On both days, I exceeded 12,000 steps. This past Monday, I walked 15,000 steps and 12,000 on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I managed to make it to 9,000 steps but I did that between late meeting and a very long work day. As a matter of fact, between meetings, I quickly scampered about Bethlehem and almost did 2 miles on the Minis Trail Bridge. Check this picture of the PPL Tower out:
IMG_2398 This is a genuine accomplishment and a testament to the way you change on a fitness journey.

There is no way that, in a freaking suit, I would have made that walk 6 months ago. Yesterday was shitty and I was shitty. My allergies were bad and I just couldn’t get it done. I walked around the block a bit. I did not do my strength training.

I felt so bad about one genuine poor day that I was going to sit down and call myself a failure bastard here today. I also haven’t been eating well – but I am not eating poorly either. The Erie trip really threw my food routine out of whack. I’ll fix that this week.

I’m still up against a wall with the strength training. I really need to double down and get that done. And, I need to post on here more. Reporting these stories to you, whoever you are – if you are even here, helps me. Your feedback is real fuel for me. I need to stop beating myself up and getting trapped in the idiosyncrasies of my neurotic nonsense. I am going to keep walking. I am not going to stop. Honestly, at this point, this blog is my main impetus.

There have been some diet and workout setbacks of late but they aren’t the end of the world. I think this likely happens and I think it’s okay.

But, damnit it all to Hell, I need to do that damned workout.

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